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The Ceccacci Company was founded in 1897 as a shop specialized in watches and jewellery by Sir Giovanni Ceccacci, having returned from the African colonial wars where he worked as a watchmaker for the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II and his wife Queen Taitù. Ceccacci is one of the oldest watch and jewellery shops in Italy, handed down from generation to generation with over a century of history, experience and professionalism, located from more than a century in the historic main street of the City of Ceprano (near Rome). There are many churches and monuments in Italy where you can still see the results of Sir Giovanni Ceccacci work.

  • 1850-1890

    During the second half of the 18th century the Ceccacci family worked on commission for private citizens realizing creative works of high quality watchmaking.

  • 1891-1899

    Sir Giovanni Ceccacci, already an apprentice watchemaker, set off for the first African colonial war waged - among many Ethiopian towns - in Addis Abeba. It was the year 1895 and, in Addis Abeba, he was imprisoned. Soon he was appointed court counselor and official watchmaker of His Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia, Negus Neghesti Menelik II. He created for him the ancient clock tower of the City (today in part still visible) and repaired numerous pocket watches. For the Queen Taitù he built a ring-clock that made him earn the esteem of the whole court.

  • 1900-1919

    Back to Italy - after his appointment as Knight of Labour - Sir Giovanni Ceccacci was one of the first to build a revolving display showcase with the parts of some old gramophones, then officially adopted in the years to follow in his store and from other retailers.

  • 1920-1930

    Being a brilliant watchmaker, Sir Giovanni Ceccacci collaborated with Frassoni and Melloncelli in the construction of large tower clocks.

    Among his many works there are those in the City of Ceprano, Torricella, Penne, Mercogliano, San Giovanni Incarico, Villa Santo Stefano, Pofi e Olevano Romano (all Cities of Italy); even many villages of the Southern Lazio (a region of Italy) and many churches located throughout Italy, are witnesses of the refined techniques of Sir Giovanni Ceccacci.

  • 1931-1944

    In the first half of the 19th century he started producing his own brand pocket watches.

  • 1945-1949

    During the World War II the store was robbed and destroyed. With strength of spirit and animated by a great courage, Giovanni with the precious help of his sons Arturo, Silvio and Roberto reopened his shop.

  • 1950

    Arturo Ceccacci opened a branch of the Ceccacci Company in Ostia (Rome) where he also established a repair shop.

  • Really keen on cycling, the 5th May 1932 he took part in the 4th edition of the Roma-Ascoli Piceno race; on the 27th October 1935 he participated in 3rd edition of the Tour of the Four Provinces of Lazio, where he met prominent figures such as Bartali, Bini, Martano and even Girardengo who that year won the race. Arturo became a noticeable personality in a short time.

    His name has been given to the cycling trophy "Arturo Ceccacci", which each year brings many cyclists to cope with the race circuit of Ceprano.

  • 1950-1979

    In 1951 Arturo, Silvio and Roberto Ceccacci succeeded; and them the Ceccacci Company grew and became the most famous watches and jewellery shop of the Southern Lazio.

    Throughout these years they continued with the installation of tower clocks in various cities and churches and with the creation of a line of Ceccacci watches.

  • 1980 - Present

    In the '80s Giovanni Ceccacci's nephew, Aureliano Ceccacci, succeded and nowadays he runs the Company with competence, passion and proficiency. He opened an additional store where he put antiques of considerable artistic interest.

    Assisted by his brother Paul and their father Roberto, in a short time Aureliano made the Ceccacci Company one of the most prestigious activities in the landscape of Haute Horlogerie.

  • 2015

    In March 2015 Aureliano's son Massimiliano Ceccacci - after almost seventy years - strongly desired to recreate the bond with the past and, for this reason, he created his own line of Ceccacci watches managing to expose them in June and July of that year at the EXPO in Milan with a great success and from there his success quickly diffused throughout the world.

    After over a hundred years the Ceccacci Company still constitutes a guarantee for the high quality of its products, for its reliability and seriousness.

  • 2017

    In September 2017 we presented our new collections at the International Festival of Independent Watch Manufacturers AUROCHRONOS in Lodz, Poland. We proudly represented Italy among watchmakers from Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

  • 2018

    In May 2018 Ceccacci Company joined the Fashion Dream Incubator project with the opening of a new showroom and new offices in the city of Shaoxing (China) carrying on the internationalization of its brand and of the Made in Italy.

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We offer the possibility to engrave your initials, a monogram or a short sentence directly on your Ceccacci watch. Give a unique gift to anyone important to you. Wear your time differently and innovatively. You can choose the font type and many different available options.

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Make your watch inimitable with a hand-painted dial. We use a natural color drying process that ensures a lasting result. Thanks to the collaboration with many Italian artists and painters, the timepiece that will emerge will be unique of its kind. Each watch will be realized in a numbered edition.

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We offer many types of Italian genuine leather straps. You can decide the color, the finishings and the texture type if smooth or crocodile.

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Some of the main features of our collections of watches are: high quality build; models that fit perfectly to the Italian style; we only use automatic Swiss movements, mechanical and high-precision quartz. All watches are assembled in our laboratories and are accompanied by a International Warranty.

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